Audible Recorders Jammers "Voice Choir" Spysonic Chorus

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Audible Recorders Jammers "Voice Choir" Spysonic Chorus

Audio jammers of dictaphones and microphones Spysonic Chorus
with "voice choir" technology.

Please note, that jammers in this category are NOT silent jammers. If you need a silent version, check the ultrasound jammers in the relevant sections.

Spysonic Chorus jammer can be used both separately and in combination with ultrasonic jammers. Not all recorders and cell phones are susceptible to ultrasound (efficiency of ultrasound is about 50%), so Spysonic Chorus is an effective complement system, allowing to increase the efficiency of suppression up to 100%.

Random mixture of male and female voices in different languages are used to create interference signal, providing effective suppression in any environment.

Products meet the technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU). Registration number of the declaration of conformity: ТС № RU Д-RU.АЛ16.В.611904

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