Ultrasound Recorders Jammers Spysonic Generation 2

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Ultrasound Recorders Jammers Spysonic Generation 2

Double band ultrasonic jammers SPYSONIC 2 and SPYSONIC 2+.

Still not providing 100% chance of suppression, 2nd generation dual band jammers SPYSONIC 2 exeed the 1st generation not only in jamming distance, but in the number of types of the devices suppressed. In addition to wired microphones Shorokh, MKU, and majority of voice recorders Edic, SPYSONIC 2, suppresses all iPhones, including iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, microphones in laptops and headsets, as well as various bugs.

Generation 2+ blockers have 2 operating modes: virtually silent "Ultrasaund" and a little more noisy, but more efficient "Ultranoise".

To ensure 100% protection, it is recommended to use ultrasonic jammers together with audio jammers Spysonic Chorus.

SALE! When buying Spysonic 21XL+, 22XL+ or 23XL+ ultrasonic jammer, you get Spysonic Chorus for free!